Vitamin C Booster, Happy Hour Edition: Guava Mojitarita

For a drink in the vitamin C series, you might think I’d go with a classic Bloody Mary — and I really coulda. But (IMO) what’s better for a (finally in Canada!) hot summer weekend than a refreshing Mojito? Mojitarita it is! My all time favourite liquor combined with lime and mint. In this edition, I’m swapping out the simple syrup for some guava juice. (Better yet, this drink is super versatile based on your mood, as you can practically throw in any tropical fruit juices instead.) In tribute to the vitamin C series, I decided to create this guava-flavoured Mojitarita for two reasons: 1) the amazing refreshing kick guava has (duh) and 2) the super high vitamin C content in guava juice/nectar. I mean, one glass secures 40% of your daily VC intake — a perfect reason (among many others) to get boozy on a Saturday afternoon!

This drink isn’t overly sweet, as I swapped out the usually concentrated agave nectar for guava nectar (which is really guava juice). For those who are concerned about the sugar content, it’s 4.8g with the product I bought. The saltiness from the salt-rimmed glass, paired with the alkaline taste of club soda, further brings out the crispness of mint and lime. From the look to the taste, this drink makes just one of my favourites!

An additional point to it being not super alcoholic either — my mom isn’t a drinker, in fact she complains about most alcoholic beverages being too strong. The fact that she finished one glass by herself is a good indicator of how well-balanced this drink is. Of course, you can always spice it up with juuuust a splash more booze. While this recipe is great for a sunny afternoon like we’ve been having here, it can also be made virgin for the non-drinkers, or as a sipping non-alcoholic beverage for during workdays. To do so, simply swap out the soda water and tequila with a light tea, preferably herbal, white, or green teas.