Welcome to our blog!

When it comes to finding out about the nutritional values of what I’m consuming, and perhaps while also trying to build a healthy game plan for my daily eats, I’m certainly not alone in thinking this:

“sooo… out of tons of information out there on what and how I should eat to be healthy, who should I listen to? What should I eat to lose/gain/maintain weight? How can I increase/reduce body fat? What about muscle building? Can I eat to improve my immunity? Is the keto diet healthy? Is a vegetarian diet healthy? Why are people taking fish oils? How much of vitamin C should I take in a day? Can I eat a burger and a tub of ice cream and still be healthy?”

If you have wondered about any of these questions — look no further, because that is exactly what we’re interested in and doing the researches for you right here at knowyourfoods.blog!

If you’re new to this blog, well hello! Here at know Your Foods, we are a team of scientists (by training), food enthusiasts (at heart) (yes, ALL yummy foods welcome here!) and are obsessed with knowing the nutritional values of all foods. I mean, why NOT learn about the benefits you’re reaping when enjoying the foods, amirite? While we don’t shy away from any foods, what we have found with our own eating and dieting journeys is that, the more you learn about foods, the healthier and wholesome your food choices are naturally going to be! (No more painful dieting, no more eyeing that piece of candy bar/chocolate/ice cream/cake/bread/etc., you name it.) With that in mind, we’re dedicated to bring forth the most updated information on foods, and that means we do our best to research the topic to the furthest extend of our abilities, but we’re also not afraid to admit when we are wrong. The ever-changing nature of science is a beauty of its own, leading to breakthroughs and growth past old beliefs and paradigms. As we progress further on our journey into the world of nutrition and food science, we want to take you, our dear audience, along with us.

For people who may had found this blog previously under the same domain name in the year of 2019 — thank you for sticking around, and we’re back and stronger! This round, we’re taking things a bit more practical, with not just information on nutrition sciences, but recipes and everything else that you can take to incorporate right into your everyday life.

Here at Know Your Foods, we talk about:

  • Nutritional information about popular food items and nutraceutical substances
  • Trends and truths and myths of diets
  • Recipes (YAS!) using whole foods from all over the world
  • Mental health topics revolved around eating
  • Chronic illnesses and how eating the right foods can help
  • and much more that’s related to the realm of foods!

So if you:

  • enjoy food for its flavour, nutritional values, and the socializing revolved around it
  • love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients
  • are health-conscious
  • are curious about the foods you’re putting in your belly
  • want to create more balanced meal plans for yourself and loved ones
  • are looking for more whole-food recipes
  • want to build a healthy relationship with food

Then this blog is for you! Now, hope you enjoy! 💕